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Shakir Studios is a professional representation studio for the fine artist Shakir Muwwakkil. Shakir is an award winning photo-artist and native of Los Angeles, CA.  His work is sought after by prominent art collectors and sourced by elite interior designers throughout the United States and abroad.  His unique style combines his experience as an acclaimed fashion photographer, with a compassionate desire to address life, human conditions and social constructs. Many of his pieces includes the talents of industry professional makeup artists, wardrobe and hair stylists.

Shakir demands that his pieces contains elements that he personally refers to as "M.R.P.", Meaning, Relevance and Purpose. These three powerful elements are what connects his viewers and collectors to his dynamic work.



"For years, I grew up in a home, where having more than one box cereal was a luxury. Such humble and poor conditions allowed me to distinctively  appreciate simple things and common moments. Life as a child of poverty, sparked my imagination, curiosity and awareness. Living in a shanty home with only cold running water from the bathroom faucet, positioned my young mind to think of others. I remember daydreaming about the joyful moment my mom would have, when I could provide her with hot water; other than off the stove. Thinking of projected moments allowed me to escape the present and poor realities in which we lived within. As far as one can remember, all memories are comprised of moments, that can't be shared...unless captured within art or through the lenses of a camera. For me, moments are the life force to a camera, being inhaled to sustain life.

In my first year of undergraduate school, I was convinced to take a photography class. Unbeknown to me, this would change my life and the world around me. I quickly excelled into the professional photography world; and was published in both Billboard and Forbes before the age of 25. In feeling creatively stifled by the trendy entertainment and fashion industries, I sat my sights towards the world of art. Art allowed me to tackle the world around me, by producing a creative voice that sparked stimulating imagery and conversations." 


Shakir Studios would like the opportunity to present you with high quality, thought-provoking and relevant art.  Whether it is for your personal collection or an interior design project, we're confident you will not find a more talented professional artist and studio. Feel free to contact us for more information.




"For me, moments are the life force to a camera, being inhaled for life."


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